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Attribute dont show the same value between PI AF and PI Vision

Question asked by scarrier on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by jasongogal

Hi everyone,


Sorry in advance for my english, it been some time since i used it.


I got a situation here that im not sure why it is happening. I got an attribute in PI AF that doesnt show the same value while im in a PI Vision display. (See below whats framed in yellow)




I've added a new "Value" symbol (bottom left of the display) to see if this one would had showed the correct value but it didn't. What i found strange is that it is the only attribute causing me this problem.


For now, i found that when i do recycle the ApplicationPool for PIVision(C:\Program Files\PIPC\PIVision), the attribute get updated correctly.


Additionnal infos :

  • This is the only attribute that i encounter this problem.
  • This attribute is from a template and is shown correctly for the other PI Vision display.


Thx for the help in advance!