ProcessBook VBA and Notifications

Discussion created by nanderson on Jun 22, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by mtrimble

When the default Notifications addin for ProcessBook is not sufficient for a projects requirements,what are the options?

  • Sort and color code the default addin with VBA?  could I do a custom sort and display coloring on the provided Notifications PB addin?
  • A Custom Table?  is the Notifications SDK usable by ProcessBook VBA? 
  • A custom .net addin?  Would there be any advantages to using a .net addin instead of VBA?

Has anyone out there done any custom visualizations for PI notifications in PB?


Secondly, for this particular project the end users want the alarms to be displayed within 5 seconds of the interface detecting a new snapshot value, do we know what the minimum delays are for A) PI notifications, and B) ProcessBooks.