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Unable to find early PI Servers for download

Question asked by DavidMFairchild on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2019 by LalBabuShaik

I haven't been able to find a list of products which I could download period.  The only thing that does appear are the most current PI system available.  I have an older PI Server (3.4.380) that I need to move to a new server and update.  I am going to need a couple of versions before I can get it updated to the current version.


Also I have 12 PI Systems for which I have some level of responsibility.  When I try to open a case I find it is tied to one of the 12 systems but not the one for which I opened the case and I have no way, that I can see, to stipulate the system to which to tie the case.