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Tech Support to myOSIsoft migration - Feedback

Question asked by jagdish.konathala Champion on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by jagdish.konathala

The downloads are the biggest change that is hard to digest. We no longer see categories (PI Server, Clients, Interfaces,..). We have to search for the software by name since not all interfaces or clients are showing in the list.


The articles all seem to have much newer dates (probably the migration date) which is misleading. I am sure some of the articles are really old. Articles freshness is how some of us relate to fresh content.


I am surprised KBs have changed too. The following KB doesn’t resolve without login. It needs a login now and that resolves to a search. The above KB is now :


The following KB is not resolving anymore. It appears to be dead.


The new UI is great and one portal for everything is great but the old tech support page did most of this in a more meaningful manner. Any possibility that software downloads are categorized and listed at one location rather than sprinkled all over different sites one is assigned to?