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VBA generated values are not printable in PI Processbook

Question asked by Moshe Sabag on Mar 9, 2019
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I'm using the following VBA Code in my PB display in order to display the current date & time as well as the current user name.

Although the values are displayed correctly during run mode, these values cannot be printed.


When I hit the PRINT button in processbook's toolbar, the display is indeed being printed correctly but the timestamp & user name (generated by the VBA) appear BLANK.

When I use "Build Mode" the printout shows all details correctly (with the time & user name). Also, when using the Print-Preview in processbook, the VBA generated values are displayed correctly, but when I print during "Run Mode" the timestamp & user name are eliminated from the printout from some reason.


Control used:

VBA Code:

Results in the processbook display:

"Run Mode" > Print as a PDF > :

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Thanks in advance