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Push Annotations to Stream

Question asked by brendan.john on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by gregor

Use Case: we're building an in-house application for utility plant operators to push round data, like manual instrument readings or lab results, to the PI system.


Status: We can currently push data using our in-house application built on the PI Web API. It successfully POSTs timestamped operator data to the /streams endpoint which updates the PI data archive.


New Requirement: We're looking to include annotations with these data pushes, so each datapoint can include metadata like operator comments, operator username, time pushed, etc.


We're pulled annotations using the "associations" parameter on the /streams endpoint, and we have successfully used the CreateAnnotation method for eventframes, but wondering whether this method can be made available on Streams?

CreateAnnotation POST eventframes/{webId}/annotations


Thanks for the help. We're planning to use a SQL solution to track metadata in the interim. And of course us know if we're going about this the wrong way.