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Question asked by vankudrea on Mar 11, 2019
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I have 2 questions :


1) If I switch over my tags to a buffered source like PI Analysis from a non-buffered source like PI PE without changing the point source, PI PE wont be able to push any data to these tags even when the point source is still pointing to it, as the tag is now owned by buffss. However, will PI PE continue to evaluate the calculations on the specified triggers and flood the event queue ? This data from event queue will never be pushed to PI DA due to the above, but will that data be discarded and removed from the PI system or will it continue to build up within the event queue ?


2) Is there a way to stop event triggered tag from evaluating from the next few hours without changing the exdesc ? For periodic calcs, I can achieve this by changing location 4 to a very low frequency like 1-day but how do I achieve this for event triggered ?



Amit Vankudre