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    Process book Crashing (double click)




      i'm pretty new working with Process Book, but i am looking for a support table for Process Book.


      Right now, we have Process Book 2012 (SP2) running on Windows 10 (1.7.0). We're able to see our trends, but when an operator double-clicks on the trend itself, process book generates an error & crashes. I suspect there's a problem with Process Book running on Windows 10 (missing a patch of somekind)?



      Thank's in advance

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          Hi Gaetan,


          Processbook 2015 SP2 was not officially tested on Windows 10 but I've haven't see any compatibility issues.  Can you please elaborate on the behavior?  Is it crashing on an existing Processbook display or even on a brand new display?



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              Our customer opens-up process book 2012 &  adds his tags to be trended. Once that is done, he's able to see his trends.


              When he tries to zoom-in (double-click) on his trend, the application simply crashes. This happens on 2 different computers. While i was in the control room, the operator showed me an eror message from Process Book (apprently, this time it happened without him double clicking)...


              Error R6025

              - Pure virtual function call


              As long as he does not press OK, the trends keep-on updating. Once he presses OK on the error popup, process book crashes.


              That is why i was wondering about a compatibility issue??