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How to delete a weak referenced element using PowerShell ?

Question asked by Raja3206 on Mar 14, 2019

$gele = Get-AFElement -Name $ele1 -AFElement $element

$gatt1 = Get-AFAttribute -Name 'District' -AFElement $gele

$gatt2 = Get-AFAttribute -Name 'Switch' -AFElement $gele


if(($gatt1.getvalue().Value -ne $CircuitName) -or ($gatt2.getvalue().Value -ne $SwitchName))



Write-host $gatt1.getvalue().value , $CircuitName

Write-host $att2.getvalue().value , $SwitchName


Remove-AFElement -AFElement $gele -CheckIn



Above is a small snippet from the code. My goal is to just remove the weak reference element. I'm able to access the weak referenced element using PowerShell but when i try to remove, it removes the original element. Also, i tried -DeleteAllReferences, as the name says it removes all the references which is not what i wanted. I wanted to remove only a one reference which doesn't align with my IF conditions.


Any ideas on how to proceed ?