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ProcessBook : how to get the time when a tag equals a specific value ?

Question asked by l.Hinsberger on Mar 14, 2019

We are working on a processbook display where users see a batch group corresponding to production cycles. Inside those batches there are operation phases which are implemented as subbatches (see below).


In their activities, the users have to search for a specific subbatch, get the start time of the phase and then adapt a trend graph in order to fix the time range with the phase time.

But the process is quite heavy as a batch/cycle has hundreds of subbatches/phases.


What we wanted to do was to get the phase quickly as we know the batch.

We have the tag corresponding to the phase.

So an option of implementation was to get manually tha batch times thanks to the batch group in processbook and then search the tag meeting the condition (value='smthg') on the time range defined by the batch.

But we have no idea how to do such a search in ProcessBook (using vba or not).


Another option was the function in VBA PIBatchSearch but it does not seem to exist for subbatches...


And there is no possibility to search directly a value of subbatch in the batch group. Or maybe we did not find how...


Thanks in advance for your help