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I need to print a label for my equipment after putting data in via Pi Manual Logger.

Question asked by kowalton on Mar 18, 2019

I have an inspection process that requires a Pass/Fail label with date and result to be printed at the point of inspection. We are currently using a Symbol device with Pi Manual logger installed. The device runs on Windows Handheld 6.5 (CE 5.2). We have a QL420Plus Zebra printer to go with it.


The process goes like this: 1) Test device and determine valus 2) Scan the bar-code to get to device in PIML 3) Enter data into PIML 4) like to print a label with Pass/Fail, value, and date. If we could add a couple of other things it would be nice (e.g. operator) but not a absolute requirement.


We are not attached to any of this hardware and are will to go a different direction if needed to get the result. Anyone using something that will work for this?