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How to sum all values of a tag for a whole day.

Question asked by PIAdminEnelGP on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by bbregenzer

Hi guys.

I’m having an event frame that counts the time when the state of a wind turbine (WTG) is not on Running or Ready. This to get the Lost Production of the WTG. However I need to sum all the Lost Production from the whole day, as we can have a problem multiple times during one.


Right now the event frame just gets the value of the Lost Production for that event. And updates the point just when this has a new value.



However I need to sum all the values that I get the previous day. I tried using the TagTot formula where the start time is the midnight of yesterday and today.


But I’m seeing some problems with this as I can see the WTG got stopped 3 times on March 6th and the tag Tot for that same dates is not the value being added. Also the last time it got a value was at March 10th. However the analysis is still putting that same value for the 12 and 13 of March.


What would be the best approach to create this tag?


Also the event frame is doing the calculation once the WTG is in a certain State so if they took the WTG for a maintenance in a prolonged time (more than one day) my value is going to be somewhat wrong, is there is something to do here besides knowing that each time a WTG is out of the grid for more than a day that I’m going to get bad values?

Thank you so much for your help as always.