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Event Frames generated without an active start trigger

Question asked by saraibosea on Mar 18, 2019
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I am new to this forum and a fairly new user to PI AF.

I have setup event frame to Calculate Key parameters during a Power Station Run.

The event frame has Start trigger(LEC_START_TRIG1) which has its output time stamped to *-30 minutes

This 30 minutes is to calculate any power/fuel thats used during the startup phase.

The end trigger(LEC_END_TRIG4) is defined as below in a separate Expression Analysis with no time offset.

The event frame is defined as below.

Everything works fine, sort of.

The event frame captured the Actual run which was 19.9 hours duration.

The problem is that at the end of the run, it seem to create a few additional Eventframes of 0s duration.

Cant figure out why, as the Start Trigger was not active at those time stamps. The end trigger was active during the duration of these additional events.

I checked it by previewing the Eventframe analysis during the time frame which generated only the actual event.

Cant figure out why it creates these "ghost" events.

The event has a notification rule setup. which also sends emails for each of those events.


The PI Af version is

Have you seen this behaviour before? Any suggestions welcome.