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    C# Displays.Open / send values




      In Processbook I open PDI file and send some data in it like this:

      Set d3 = Application.Displays.Open(FolderPath & "PlotUnit.pdi", True)
      d3.TrendFolderPath = FolderPath
      d3.StationName = StationName

      I want to open a PDI file in C# application, but do noit know how to pass some data it PDI file:

      PBObjLib.Application app = new PBObjLib.Application();
      PBObjLib.Display disp = app.Displays.Open("C:\\Display1.pdi", false);
      app.StationName = "test";     - does not working
      disp.StationName = "test";     - does not working

        Can anybody help me ?