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    Cannot load data from sql database to PI


      Hello everyone!!  I cant load data from sql database to PI. I will post some attachments to help u understand whats the problem.

      I used this script in sql database to change format of datetime to  dd-mm-yyyy hh-mm-ss, becasue this is the format thats PI system need.


      SELECT TOP (10) [SensorId]


      ,Replace(convert(Varchar, convert(Datetime, [Date],120),103),'/','-') +' '+ convert(Varchar, convert(Datetime, [Date], 120),108)

      ,REPLACE(convert(varchar, [Value]),'.',',')


        FROM [IRP_MonitorPowietrza_test].[dbo].[MeasurementData]


      In PI interface Logs i got error: PI timestamp is not of timestamp data type - u can see it on the attachment 5.


      What can i do?