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Question asked by mikespath on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by lgarrigues

Hello, I'd like to discover and understand more about the cloud connect system osisoft offers. I know that it is an Azure cloud based system that folks will setup accounts / user rights, etc. and it is offered as a SAAS model. We build a server based application that uses the AF SDK to access the PI Server data. The AF database is managed via the AF SDK as well and used for Notiifcations, limits, etc.

  1. We work with companies to have our server installed on one of the windows server VMS they create for us, this is the home of the PI archive and our UI
  2. We are in discussions with another big company that wants to have our product at two more satellite plants overseas.
  3. My big question is Cloud Connect the right product to allow the user's to see there data on their local pi archive but then gather the data archive points from any of the other two sites? For example, they want to see the trend of a pump in the far east site and compare it to the trend of the pump in the next room locally.
  4. What does this cost? I would need to total all tags ("pi points") in the archives from all three sites so each location's pi archive has all possible pi points 

Any feedback is helpful.