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    PI Web Services 2012 CTP is available


      Hi everyone,


      The new PI Web Services 2012 CTP has been posted in the download center. I invite you to take a look at the Product Manager's blog describing what this CTP has to offer.


      Happy coding!

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          downloading right now :) thank you

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              @Sébastien: have you had a chance to try it out yet? Please do not hesitate to provide feedback, here on the forums or at BetaPIWebServices@osisoft.com.

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                  Yes it's installed right now and in use.


                  I was excepting so much for added support to PI Point annotations (read/write) but still missing.


                  This is more than a "nice to have" for us. We plan to use OSIsoft PI Web Services for our manual data entry applications but without annotations support we cant.


                  We are happy to see more support to AF, everything is passing/mapped by AF and this is a must !


                  I will work with event frames in few days and I will use some functions from the web services also ...



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                      Great, glad to read you like the AF functionality! Before you start working with Event Frames, you need to know that some changes will be taking place between now (CTP) and the official Release, so that both AF and EF experiences become much more similar.


                      Regarding the support for annotations in PI Web Services... I have to say, this is the very first request we get around annotations in PI Web Services. If you did a search on those keywords on vCampus, you might find that we asked about this back in '09 but didn't get an overwhelming amount of feedback, to say the least  As a result, this functionality was assigned a much lower priority than other features we got a lot of requests for - yes, we have a finite number of resources working on the product so we need to prioritize


                      Generally speaking though, I would like to say annotations have certain limitations (e.g. performance, searchability, more here) and as such we tend to recommend other alternatives depending on the use cases. For instance you could have a separate PI Point to hold complementary information about another PI Point (exposed via a sub-attribute maybe, if you are using the PI Asset Framework?). Storing things in a PI Point has multiple advantages such as the ability to perform all kinds of nice operations on it (e.g. performing calculations, computing statistics, searching for those events). Depending on the nature of your annotations, you might even want to consider creating PI Event Frames to store/expose those - that way, your annotations become much richer in that they have a time frame, additional attributes, linked elements, etc. and not just a simple text string.


                      With all that said, I'll do my homework and see what that it would mean to implement this in the product... but I also need to ask the community: does anybody else need that functionality? Are you guys using old style annotations or the more recent, structured ones? Are you typically storing simple information (e.g. text string, number) or you use that to store complex stuff (e.g. some binary structure, a small image)?


                      In the meantime you might want to consider wrapping some basic PI SDK code into your own custom web service. It's not overly difficult and I'm sure other folks on this community would be ready to help Please do not hesitate to start a new discussion thread if you'd like more information on that...

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                          Just been looking at storing complex data via PI Web Services and came across this thread.  Wanted to add weight to Steve's comment above about using PI Event Frame attributes that ultimately store their data in SQL Server.  The EF generation also presents the ability to tag multiple assets to the same event/complex data without needing to update all affected PI Points - more efficient to have this layer on top of the data rather than mingled with the data.  Just need more EF support in client tools from OSIsoft, but that's an old story...