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PI System Explorer is inaccessible because of the deleted PI Identity

Question asked by Sriram_amirapu on Mar 20, 2019
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we have installed a new PI system in a new hardware recently. We have been using only one Windows user account for accessing all the PI tools. We have mapped this account to Administrator PI Identity which is having full rights. Similarly we have added this account to default 'administrators' Identity in PI System Explorer too. But unknowingly we have removed that identity in the PI System Explorer and now we are unable to access any of the PI System Explorer functionalities. And that is the only account we had mapped in that single group. Now, we dont have any Windows account mapped to any of the Identities in the AF server (PI System Explorer).


please let us know what should be done to access the PI System Explorer again. Is there any solution for this? Please let us know ASAP.  (We have installed PI Data Archive and PI AF Server in seperate machines).