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AF Analysis - Set to Bad

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on Mar 21, 2019



I have a problem with an AF Analysis setting the calculation result to "Set to Bad". All the analysis does is copy the result of a formula to an AF Attribute and it is scheduled every minute.

The analysis can be evaluated manually and works every single time. So is there any reason why such a result would occur? My understanding is that when the analysis runs, it will force the formulas to evaluate because it references them in the analysis logic.



The exact same analyses is run for other inputs in exactly the same way but they all work correctly.

The security and configuration of the output tags are identical. All the inputs are connected to live DCS measurements. The 3 volume flows have been manually entered.


Whilst I am raising this question there is some other strange behaviour that I am seeing on similar analyses that are writing some performance calculation results. The analysis is configured to run at the same frequency as the one above, but with a 30 second offset.

I can evaluate the analysis perfectly fine and get avalid result.

I dont know what the parameter name "Source" refers to. It is not an attribute I have in my database. The 'Speed' element and RawInputTag never has a null value.

Is this some bug?


The AF Server version is 2017 R1.