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Events export - PIAF Event Frame

Question asked by vito on Mar 22, 2019



working frequently on Events, generated by Event Frame module of PI-AF, it is important to have a quick method to export results.  


1) For visualization, inside Event frame module the search module is very powerful, it allows to quick search the events, adding more information/columns is possible, but exporting seems not possible.

2) On the contrary inside element module, going into event analysis (but only for a specific event, once a time), by right clicking of the mouse, it is possible to have a preview of results and the export to csv is very easy and quick. In addition I could not find the possibility to add/configure all the attributes of the events, and only basic data of the event are shown.

3) Finally using Excel PIDatalink complete seach is possible as per 1), but I saw that it takes about 15 minutes for less than 1000 events, that is not a good performance, and often it blocks.


Is there something else that could help?

Thank you