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How to measure and represent the ocrrency of event frames in a time range?

Question asked by ccastro on Mar 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Roger Palmen

Hello PI Friends, I have a question.

I need to represent the frequency of event frames ocurrency in an determinated time range, for example, i need to know in what hour of the day are trigger the most event frames.

In others words, I need to know the distributions of events frames in a range time. How I can make this? any idea? I think that I need to save the event frame startTime in a exclusive PI Point, but I am not sure.
Another option is to make an analisys that count the amount of event frames per hour and save it in a PI point.

Another question, how to represent this information graphically? I think that an Gaussian Curve is the way. Whats do you think? How to I can to generate this? Is necesary another analisys?

Thanks for your help and your comments!