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PI ProcessBook VB programming

Question asked by DaniK on Mar 24, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Eugene Lee



I'm new to pi process book, and i'm trying to develop some automation using integrated VB platform.

actually i tried looking for a manual describing the the integrated PI VB  in the process Book and unfortunately i didnt find (realy theirs so much links paths to go in OSI webpage...but eventually found Nothing relevant !)


i would realy appreciate your support for the following:

1. what is the name of the platform that i'm using ( integrated PI VB ), for the next time i'm looking for information, i will be able to reach more relevant info in your website.

2. where can i find, or perhaps can you attach a programming manual.

3. where can i find code examples, like reading specific time tag to an array.


any support will be kindly appreciated!

Best regards,