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opc interface fails in vm

Question asked by IanShake on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by IanShake

A client has an OPC DA interface running on XP. I have been asked to replace it with a virtualized copy, which is using VM ware on a ubuntu host.

When the virtual machine is started the API connects then fails, however if the services are restarted after a short delay the run ok and start sending data to the pi server.

On opening the ICU, initially no interfaces are visible, they appear if the ICU is re-opened after a few minutes delay.

Trusts have been set up and according to the server logs are being granted.

I suspect that the connections are timing out at the start, and responding after all other processes have settled down, can anyone sugggest a way round this, maybe a means of delaying the startup of the interfaces? They are already set to 120 second delay before contacting the PI server