Calling PI-SDK from a C# ASP.Net Web Service

Discussion created by tinklerj on Jun 29, 2012
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From reading some other threads in this forum, it seems that accessing PI-SDK from an MTA multi-threaded application can be very expensive for some calls (because PI-SDK is an STA object so there is cross-thread marshalling).  So the recommendation when using C# (which uses the MTA model by default) is to use the [STAThread] attribute on the main/thread entry points.


However, if I am creating an ASP.Net Web service, IIS creates the threads (in a pool) and calls my Web methods inside them so I can't make the threads STA.  This may lead to poor performance when calling PI-SDK - essentially serializing all SDK calls, so I can't use parallelism or async calls to improve performance.


For ASPX pages I read that you can put "AspCompat=true" in the Page directive of the markup file, which makes it use the STA threading model,but sadly an ASMX Web service only has the WebService directive which doesn't support this.


<%@ WebService Language="C#" CodeBehind="MyWS.asmx.cs" Class="MyWeb.MyWS" %>


Do you think the "hack" described in this article would help?  Anyone know an easier way to use PI-SDK from a web service?