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Moving and renaming elements in AF  - event frames problem

Question asked by Piotr_Stach on Mar 25, 2019

Hi all.

See the example below.


The company decided to move machine 4.4 to line 5.

Element 4.4 was deleted, element 5.2 was created and Pi Tags connected to machine 4.4 were renamed.

There is a big problem with existing event frames generated by element 4.5.

They still exist on the server but their name contains *4.5*.

The worst problem is that all event frames attributes are looking for Pi Tags named *4.5*.


Choosing Reevaluate Naiming Pattern delete machine name from event frame name because there is no related element.



I have the over 1,5-year history of event frames of machine 4.5.

What can I do in order to connect old event frames to the new element 5.2 and renamed Pi Tags?


Kind regards, Peter.