Display management & multiple CoreSight instances

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Jul 2, 2012
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What are the plans for better display management within Coresight?  Right now I see the footprint is fairly small within Enterprises but I see it easily growing which could lead to information overload.  What I mean is, displays are either Private or Public, there is no intermediate or additional context.  First answer to this would be to have the ability to create groups of displays that are only shared within certain users rather than anyone using the Coresight instance - an accountant's view on Downtime is likely different to the engineer's view.  
Another important context (that I am sure is coming) is Event Frames where a Display may have only been built relevant to a specific period of time.  So when searching for displays you may want to search by Displays that either occurred during certain Event Frames, or better still Displays that are somehow "attached" directly to such Event Frames.  Then let's say that the Event Frame which the displays are attached to is based on a Downtime Event Frame Template...when the new instance of the Event Frame is generated the displays attached to the previous EF are 'auto-attached' to the new EF.  I know you could do this (in the future) by saving the Event Frame to your cart then dragging it on to the display, but I am more concerned with filtering out time periods during the search for information. 


The same may be true of the reverse: You search for information, find some significant time period during your ad hoc analysis and need to generate an Event Frame directly from CoreSight, such as the lead up of events to the EF you are currently analysing.  You are not going to want to switch to another tool to generate the Event Frame based on the analysis you do in CoreSight.




My second thought for the morning is, what are the plans for being able to share displays (all displays / groups of displays / individual displays) across multiple instances of CoreSight within an Enterprise?