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What Information Is Available During an Open Event Frame within Analytics

Question asked by NormRidg on Mar 29, 2019

I am working with a continuous process with multiply batches in the same process step.  We treat it as plug flow for this example.  The goal is to keep it simple as possible using AF analytics.  As each new batch starts into the process analytics stores the batch number as the current incoming batch PI tag and I have a method to determine when that batch has exited using AF analytics.  The issue is with events.  The start trigger works as expected with each new batch causing a new event.  The snag is determining what event to close when the batch exists the process.  There are several open batch events. If the attributes within the event template for example were exposed I could just check the batch numbers or if the start date of the event was available I could use it to lookup the batch number when the event started.  However, none of these are available until the event closes that I been able to get.  Is there data we can get from an open event within AF analytics?  The alternative is a paring of an unique batch tag and an unique event generation.  One for each batch based on the maximum number of batches that can be process at the same time.  Not pretty, but doable.