Delivery End Point never called when Notification created by SDK

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I am using a Delivery End Point calling a Web Service, which I subscribe to several Notifications. It is supposed to be called each time a Notification becomes Active or gets back to Inactive. The issue I face is the following: the Delivery End Point is not called when a Notification created using the SDK is triggered.


When I create the Notification using PI System Explorer interface, it triggers the Delivery End Point properly when it is triggered, which calls the Web Service.


However, if I create the Notification using the PI Notification SDK in C#, the Notification becomes active and inactive according to its conditions, but the Web Service is never called.




A Delivery End Point is preconfigured as shown is the above screenshot, with a parameter left empty.


The following code is the one which is use to configure a Notification and subscribe the Delivery End Point to it:

// The variable 'alert' is a business object encapsulating the AF Notification// The variable 'afContactName' is the name of the existing Delivery End Point (here 'FM_Aggregated_Alerts_Calculation')// Retrieves an existing notification or create one with the given name
AFNotification notification = AFUtil.Instance.GetAFNotification(alert.Name);
// If the Delivery End Point existsif (!notification.NotificationContacts.Contains(afContactName))
// Retrieves the Delivery End Point preconfigured
AFNotificationContactTemplate contactTemplate = null;
List<AFNotificationContactTemplate> tpls = notification.Database.PISystem.NotificationContactTemplates.ToList();
foreach (AFNotificationContactTemplate tpl in tpls)
if (tpl.Name.Equals(afContactName))
contactTemplate = tpl;
// Adds the preconfigured Delivery End Point to the Notification
AFNotificationContact contact = notification.NotificationContacts[afContactName];
// Computes the string to use as a parameter for the Delivery End Point
String[] split = alert.AFAttributeFullPath.Split('|');
String targetElementPath = split[0];
// Modify the Delivery End Point config string to include the parameter
String cfg = "<Parameters><elementPath ParameterType=\"System.String\" DisplayName=\"\" ContentType=\"\">{0}</elementPath></Parameters>";
String oldConfigString = String.Format(cfg, String.Empty);
String newConfigString = String.Format(cfg, targetElementPath);
contact.ConfigString = contact.ConfigString.Replace(oldConfigString, newConfigString);
// Check In the notification

The result of this code is the creation of a notification which appears to be properly configured, with a parameter as shown in following screenshot:




However, the Notification doesn't call the Delivery End Point when it is triggered. The following screenshot shows the




Do I miss something in my code that would link the Notification and the Delivery End Point ? Any idea of how to fiw this problem ?


Thank you in advance for your answers.