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Questions about element templates.

Question asked by JohannesVeje on Mar 29, 2019
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Hi there


I am in the progress of expanding our Asset Server and I am having some problems finding the best way to solve the following.


I have a set of 28 storage tanks where I need a few attributes per tank and a few attributes summing them up overall. On the individual tank I need data from a PIPoints and from formulas. My plan was to make 28 child elements from a template so I dont have to create the data reference individually, but I am not sure of the best way to do this as the PIPoints have tagnames like "ABC001DEF" ... "ABC028DEF". The tagnames are meaningless and I have no control over them, so I would like to use other names for the child elements and attributes.


Is there a way to create a naming pattern for the templates so the elements end up with names like "Tank 1" and the attributes get the correct reference? Ideally I would be able to take the numerical part of the element name in 2 digits and create the PIPoint reference from that. 


For the overall summation part, is there an easy way to do that over all the child elements?