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VBA to create and plot Dataset dependent on Userform input

Question asked by SLethen on Apr 1, 2019
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I'm trying to write a macro that will create a dataset, where the dataset expression depends on the value input to a text box in a UserForm. When the macro plots this dataset on an existing trend however, the trace label displays No Data.


I'm using the code below:


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
     Dim MyDatasets As Datasets

     Dim MyDataset As PIExpressionDataset
     Dim TagFilter As String
     Dim MyTrend As Trend


     Set TagFilter = TextBox1.Value


     Set MyDatasets = ThisDisplay.Datasets
     Set MyDataset = MyDatasets.Add("FilterDataset", Nothing, True, 1, True, pbDatasetPIExpression)
     Set MyDataset = MyDatasets.GetDataset("FilterDataset")

     MyDataset.ServerName = "MyServer"
     MyDataset.Expression = "If 'VariableTag' > TagFilter Then 'TagToDisplay' Else NoOutput()"
     MyDataset.RefreshInterval = 60000
     MyDataset.ColumnName = "Value"
     MyDataset.Interval = "10m"
     MyDataset.Description = "Filtered Dataset"
     MyDatasets.SetDataset MyDataset

     Set MyTrend = ThisDisplay.Trend1

     MyTrend.AddTrace ("FilterDataset.Value")




End Sub


The code works if I change the dataset expression to equal 'TagFilter' only, so it looks like the issue is with the dataset expression I'm using.