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Error -  Resize to show all values

Question asked by Harry_Dorta_Arkema on Apr 3, 2019



I need help to understand the error "Resize to show all values" after run the function PIAdvCalcDat using VBA.

The excel code in VBA is the following.


Range("D4").Value = Application.Run("PIAdvCalcDat", DataItem, STime, ETime, Interval, Mode, CalcBasis, MinPctGood, CFactor, OutCode, RootPath)


The parameters used in the function as part of the code are the following.


DataItem = Range("A4").Value; where the range value is a PI Tag ID

STime = Range("A3").Value; where the range value is any particular day of the last week.

ETime = "t"

Interval = "1D"

Mode = "maximum"

CalcBasis = "time-weighted"

MinPctGood = 0

CFactor = 1

OutCode = 0

RootPath = ""