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    Time Range Scrollbar


      I really like the new time range scroll bar in ProcessBook 2012 and have spent a bit of time trying to feed in start and end times to the display. The usecase is to set the time scroll bar based on event frame start and end times and playback specific events in a piece of equipment's history. 


      The SetTimeRange method doesn't have any effect on the time range that the scroll bar is set to and I also tried the PBCommandBarScroll.Max and Min properties which do not work, I see from a posts here on VCampus that it is [DEAD LINK] not possble to use these to change the scroll bar time range.


      It seems the only way to have a time scroll bar that can be programatically set is a DIY addin or toolbar. So my question is, is a DIY toolbar the only path forward in this situation?

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          Hey Ivan...Not tested it, and it is not clean, but how about doing the following programmatically when you apply the time range from an Event Frame via your add-in:


          - Unload the Playback Toolbar.


          - Change the ProcBook.ini sections for Time Range Min & Time Range Max.


          - Load the Playback Toolbar forcing the initialisation based on ProcBook.ini.

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              @Ivan: No, it is not possible. This add-in was not meant to be customized via automation. The settings of this add-in are not stored within procbook.ini but OSIsoft.PB.Details.dll.config under your %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\PISystem\PI-ProcessBook folder. Unfortunately, unloading and reloading the add-in does not force it to read the settings stored in aforementioned file but in the cache in memory. Afterward, the information stored in memory is persisted back to the file, so you lose all your change.


              Making your own toolbar capable of playing Event Frames would give you more control on how to "play" it and what to visualize. Otherwise, I suggest you contact our techsupport service to place an enhancement request for this PI Processbook add-in