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How to get the colour of the current Multistate using VBA

Question asked by Israa on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Israa

Hello Everyone,


I have a group of objects in PI-PB display where I applied multistate for all of them using PI calculation, so if the value of my calculation is less than 10% the object will turn green, if its greater than 10% the object will turn red. Now is there a way to get the color of the current status for each one of them in VBA macros, because I need make an automatic counter that count how many objects are in green and how many are in red.


I tried to use the GetMultiState property in this way:


If ThisDisplay.Shorthorizontalpipe_13.GetMultiState.CurrentState = 65280 Then

    countDP1G = countDP1G + 1


But it didn't work properly, so if anyone can guide me to the correct way it will be great.