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what differents for Snapshot, Archive and TimeSeries in AFDataPipeType

Question asked by EricWang001 on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by rdavin

I plan to get real time data from piserver by call PIDataPiPe function with parameter AFDataPipeType, AFDataPipeType can be set to Snapshot, Archive and TimeSeries.

what difference between them exactly ? I don't very clear just ready API comments:


Snapshot      0       The datapipe will generate snapshot or current value data change events.  

Archive         1        The datapipe will generate archive data change events.             

TimeSeries   2        The datapipe will generate change events for a PI time series


In my understanding PI time series should be historical data of a PIPoint , correct?  I already use GetTimeSeriesTagValuesAsync to get  historical data, it works fine.


I find a interesting case : if the PIPoint I want to get real time data is a internal tag in PIServer and it's value changes automatically, PIDataPiPe(Snapshot ) can get it's value when update event comes.

While the PIPoint (tag) is added from third part product and need change it's value manually PIDataPiPe(Snapshot ) can't get it's value, PIDataPiPe(Archive ) can get it's value when update event comes.


I am little confused by that?


so if someone here would help me by giving more detail illustration. thank you.