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PI Integrator for BA scheduled Text File Target

Question asked by mjessome on Apr 5, 2019
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We have a request to export a select number of tags to a 3rd party vendor on a daily schedule. 


I set up a new view to retrieve hourly data for the previous 23 hours, and have it publishing to a Text File Target, which is configured to append the timestamp. 


For testing, I set the schedule to publish every 5 minutes and I seem to be running into issues.  The very first time the view (?) published, it created the file like it was supposed to.  Everything looked great.


However, the scheduled job has since run for over an hour, with no errors in the log, but hasn't created a single additional file.  It also hasn't updated the original one, which is good I guess. 


Any advice for this?  Did I miss a step in my configuration?