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Substitution parameter giving unwanted double quotes(" ") in PI AF

Question asked by Royjohn on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Royjohn

Hi ,
I am getting unwanted double quotes in a tag config string, If I use a substitution parameter in PI AF. See below example .I have used InstTagPrefix1 for substitution and the value of InstTagPrefix1 is Root.AB CDE but in element config string, I am getting as "Root.AB CDE" instead of Root.AB CDE. Value is coming in between double quotes.
Observation: If I remove the space in the values it will not give any double quotes For example:If I use Root.ABCDE instead of Root.AB CDE it will not give any double quotes.
Unfortunately I want to use space in my values. Is there any way to remove the double quotes?
AF explorer version :2017 SP2
AF server: