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    PISDK with COM php.




      i'm working on a project and i have to call PISDK in php.


      I want to set a value in a PiPoint but when i set it i have an error 'Parameter 0: type mismatch'


      Here is my code:


      $this->comObjPi = new COM('PISDK.PISDK');


      $this->PIserver = $this->comObjPi->Servers->Item($conf['server']);



      $this->PIpoint = $this->PIserver->PIPoints($tag);

      $PIvalues = new COM('PISDK.PIValues');

      $PIvalue = new COM('PISDK.PIValue');




          $time = $this->PIserver->ServerTime->Clone();


          $PIvalue->TimeStamp = $time;

          $PIvalue->Value = new Variant($value, VT_R8);

          $this->PIpoint->Data->UpdateValue($PIvalue, $time);


      catch(Exception $e)  { var_dump($e); }



      Can you help me ?


      Ok so i found that UpdateValue function need VT_VARIANT type params to be passed.

      When i try to create a new variant with VT_VARIANT type, i get 'Variant type conversion failed'


      function UpdateValue( /* VT_VARIANT [12] [in] */ $newValue, /* VT_VARIANT [12] [in] */ $TimeStamp, /* ? [29] [in] */ $MergeType, /* VT_PTR [26] [in] --> ? [29] */ &$asynchStatus ) { /* Send a single value (snapshot or archive) to PI */ }




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          Hello Geoffrey,


          PI SDK is announced for deprecation and we strongly discourage starting new development efforts against PI SDK.

          You might be interested in earlier discussions on the subject and I believe this one is a pretty good starting point but you also could search the forums for the keyword PHP.

          PHP is not a common programming language in the PI World which means you will not find much examples. Maybe it makes sense to take a step backwards. Can you indicate what your project is about?

          If it has to be PHP, I suggest you to look at Developing a PHP application using PI Web API.


          Please allow me to move your question to a sub space inside PI Developers Club ´for improved visibility.

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              Hello Gregor,


              Yes i know, but my client don't want to buy PIWebAPI. So i have to find a solution for sending datas to PI Server with PHP.

              The only problem is to convert the PIValue to a variant with VT_VARIANT type.


              I found no solution on internet to convert datas to a VT_VARIANT type variant on PHP.