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AF Table Lookup attribute template

Question asked by tinklerj on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by sraposo

I'm trying to create an attribute template which does a table lookup.

Say I have 3 units and a lookup table for each one (with different result values).  So I've created 3 tables 01_TableA, 02_TableA, 03_TableA.  They have column names X (the lookup values, which happen to be the same in each case) and Result (the corresponding data values).

In the unit element template the unit number is a string attribute "Number" (= "01", "02", "03").

So I can create a StringBuilder attribute template "TableA" for the right table name (|Number;"_";%Attribute%;).  For Unit 1 this resolves to the string "01_TableA", and so on.

Now I want to create a Table Lookup Data Reference attribute template, called say "LTableA", that interpolates the value of a root attribute "LookupVal" in the table.

I want the data reference string to evaluate to "SELECT Result FROM [01_TableA] WHERE INTERPOLATE(X, @|LookupVal)" for Unit 1, etc.  For the bit in italics I want to substitute the value of attribute TableA (or get the correct table name some other way).  I tried just using @|LTableA by analogy with the lookup value, but it doesn't work, just says "The table @|LTableA ... doesn't exist".

Using substitution strings (%@|TableA%) doesn't work either.

I can't find a syntax that works in a template to resolve to the unit-specific table name from the attribute TableA.  There must be a way to do this surely?