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Creating expression analysis: no option to not 'save output history'

Question asked by tinklerj on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by bbregenzer

[AF 2018]

I'm creating a new expression analysis and clicked the "Map" link to create a new attribute to receive the result.  According to the documentation,

" must choose whether or not to save the output history; the system creates the appropriate type of attribute..."

(I.e. either a PI point data reference attribute or "an attribute with an analysis data reference").  It's not clear what the latter means, but anyway the

Yes/No radio button on the Attribute Properties dialog is disabled, meaning I only have the option to create a PI point data reference attribute.

This is the case whether creating an analysis template or a direct analysis.

I have a cascading sequence of analyses (outputs from some are inputs to others) and I don't want to have to store the history for some of the intermediate values.

  1. How do I get the output attribute to be a an attribute with an analysis data reference?
  2. What is "an attribute with an analysis data reference" anyway?  If creating new attributes directly in PSE, the Data Reference drop down does not include "analysis".

I've set up some output attributes manually (not data references) and mapped the outputs from analyses to them, then used these attributes as inputs for other analyses.

But the dependent analyses don't get the results of the prior analyses, just the default value of the mapped attribute (usually 0).

What am I doing wrong?