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Null values from PIDataPipe ListSignUpsByServer and AsReadOnly

Question asked by arikyudin222 on Apr 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by arikyudin222

Hello guys,

I'm struggling with AF SDK 2018 SP2 PIDataPipe class, where I'm trying to use register for snapshot updates using AddSignups method and then list the monitored PIPoints by the PI server.

The problem is that while AddSignups method returns null as expected when there are no errors, AsReadOnly and ListSignUpsByServer always return the same null value, no matter what. While the expected values are IList<PIPoint>.


I use the same pi data pipe to both register the pi points for snapshot monitoring and for listing the monitored pi points.

Is there a working example of how to use this function or am I doing something wrong?