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Moving Totalizer in SMT

Question asked by storbat on Apr 15, 2019

Hi all. I am trying to create a totalizer that continuously builds as the flow rate remains above 0. Currently, the flow rate will increase to 10 gpm, and the totalizer will calculate the total amount, but the value remains stagnant until a new event occurs in the flow tag. While it remains at 10 gpm, the totalizer does not increase, even though the flow is still at 10 gpm. I believe that a moving totalizer type will solve this problem, but when I change it from block to moving and save, it switches back to block on its own. I tried creating a new tag as well, but it defaults back to block. Does anyone know why it will not let me create a moving totalizer? Thanks.


Edit: I have added a picture where the green line is the flow rate at 6.5 gpm, and the green line is the totalizer is at 101.85 gal. I want the totalizer to continue to build when I view it live.