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OPC Connector Error

Question asked by Pramod@Astellas on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by gmichaud-verreault


I am using OPC connector and I am getting below error while connecting to PI server:

Can you please help me resolve this.


Severity: Error

Timestamp: 04/16/2019 09:26:15.138

Message: OSIsoft.Tau.PI.PIClientUninitializedException: No connection to PI Data server 172.XX.XX.XX See the Message Logs in Advanced Diagnostics or turn on MDA tracing for more details.

   at OSIsoft.Tau.PI.PIClient.get_Connection()

   at OSIsoft.Tau.PI.PIClient.TryAddDigitalSet(String name, String[] states, Array values, Type valueType)

   at OSIsoft.Tau.PI.TauEventToPIEventObserverMapper.BuildDigitalSets()

   at OSIsoft.Tau.PI.TauEventToPIEventObserverMapper.Initialize()

   at OSIsoft.Tau.PI.PI.Mapping.TauEventToPIMapperService.GetOrCreateValueMapper(String streamId, TauSchema schema)

   at OSIsoft.Tau.ObserverBuffer.PI.PIEventQueueBatch.AddDataToValueQueue(String streamId, TauEvent data)

   at OSIsoft.Tau.Framework.Common.TauEventQueue.BatchedTauEventQueue`1.ReRoute(Byte[] bytes)

   at OSIsoft.Tau.IO.TauMessageBody`1.Execute(Delegate action)