Trend with AF table data (Table Lookup)

Discussion created by esancha on Jul 9, 2012
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Excuse me, I think this is not the right forum, but I can't find one that seems more appropriate than this.

I am totally neophyte in AF.

I'm trying to plot in a ProcessBook trend a SQL Server table data via AF, I created an item, that item I've added an attribute, I intend to show the data for a period of time, with the following SQL statement:

SELECT ConcentradoSeco FROM tblDesviacionesProduccion WHERE Fecha>= #%StartTime%# AND Fecha <= #%EndTime%# ORDER BY Fecha

The result is <null>, do I have to format dates?, %StartTime% and %EndTime% would correspond to the start date and end of the display?  Should it do otherwise?


Thanks in advance.


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