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PI OLEDB [-11091] event collection exceeded the maximum allowed

Question asked by wentang on Apr 16, 2019
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My PI OLEDB SQL statement is:

"select top 1 time,value from picomp2 where tag='P1:PI11350' and time > '01/01/2008' and value > 363.0 order by time asc"


I got "[-11091] event collection exceeded the maximum allowed" error.


Our user wants me to search a PI tag value over certain max value for PI archived data from 10 years ago to now. All I need is just to find the first value and time of these archived data.  I specified 'top 1' in my select statement, but it seems PI OLEDB collects all information first then picks the 'top 1' value for me. Any good alternative for my select statement?


WenGinn Tang