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Can we have timestamp of the tag matches to the value of the same tag (string timestamp value)?

Question asked by Navaneethakrishnan Champion on Apr 22, 2019
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I am having PI OPC DA configured to collect the data from the OPC server. I have a string ITEM ID which provides string timestamp as a value. What I would like to do is, I need to store that string timestamp as a timestamp value, as well as that timestamp value should be the timestamp in the archive as well. Detailed information about the requirement is below,


What I get from OPC Server and being archived in the PI Server is like below,


TimeStamp                         Value (Data Type - String)

22-Apr-2019 12:05:00          22-Apr-2019 12:00:00


What I need to get archived is,


TimeStamp                         Value (Data Type - TimeStamp)

22-Apr-2019 12:00:00          22-Apr-2019 12:00:00


* Here the timestamp should be same as Value (Requirement 1)

* Value should be in TimeStamp format (Requirement 2)


Can any one help me to get it?