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Sending Device Status Change timestamp to Webservice via Notification in Millisecond Format

Question asked by gaurav1107 Champion on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by gaurav1107

Hi All,


We have an eventframe which triggers every time device change its status from OPEN to CLOSE and vice-versa. We have setup a Notification for the eventframe which will call a Biztalk webservice everytime a eventframe gets generated. We have a requirement to configure the notification to send Device Status Change (OPEN/CLOSE) timestamp with Millisecond precision (HH:MM:SS.XXX) to be send to a Biztalk webservice. Right now, it is sending timestamp in HH:MM:SS format, how can we configure the notification to send timestamp in with Millisecond precision. We are using PI Notifications 2017 R2.

Any leads in this regard would be really helpful.