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PI Notification for a String tag

Question asked by alanR on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Eugene Lee



I'm trying to create a pi notification  for when a tag contains a certain string it will trigger a notification.

For example;


The Attribute is called "Operation" and related pi tag  is of pointtype string. This pi tag does not contain just a single word like "open" or "close", It has values like "closed_23042019". And they are not digital states.


So in pseudocode;


if Value ("Operation") Contains "closed_" for 30 minutes;

Trigger Notification .


How can i get the Trigger Condition to look for "closed_". And if the PI tags still has the same value of "closed_" after 30 minutes trigger a notification.


I currently have

TagVal('Operation','*') = "closed_".

True for : 30 minutes