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AF Hierarchy problem - corruption?

Question asked by andrew_Inwood on Apr 23, 2019

I am setting up a hierarchy to represent a Field, Export Point (called 'flow_point'), and Export Party (called flow-party).  A field can have one or more export points, and an export point can have one or more export parties.












The issue I am having is that I created the templates, then created a hierarchy for the first Field.  I then found that I needed to extensively modify the various templates, which I did.  Once I'd finished modifying the templates, I then wanted to create the second field.  When I try to add a flow-point to the second field, I can't, because it doesn't recognize that you can have a flow-point as a child of a Field.  See attached picture. 


You can see fro the element tree on the left that I've added FLOW_POINT_1 and FLOW_POINT_2 to FIELD_1, so in that hierarchy it respects the relationship.  When trying to add FLOW_POINT_3 to FIELD_2, you can see that in the top part of the box, it recognises the relationship FIELD-FLOW_POINT, but there is no "FLOW_POINT" Element template available in the bottom section.


What can I do to fix this?