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Create a totalizer that gives the daily average?

Question asked by plangetee on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by sraposo

Hello everyone!


I want to log the daily average of the previous 24 hours for one of my existing tags.  Each of these tags are analog signals.  An example would be a feed flow in gallons per minute (GPM).  I am trying to achieve this using the Totalizer in PI.  I am a novice at PI.


I am using PI Data Archive 2015 R2.  I downloaded the PI Data Archive 2015 R2 Applications User Guide.  I began reading the PI Totalizer Subsystem (Totalizer) section of the user guide.  There are lots of parameters that can be changed and as a novice I could use some guidance.


I started looking at the parameters.  This is what I think I need:

  • RateSampleMode = Natural (default)
  • TotalCloseMode = Clock (default)
  • ReportMode Function = Average
  • CalcMode = TimeWeighted
  • Period = ?? I'm not sure what to put here
  • Offset = ?? I'm not sure what to put here
  • What other parameters do I need to update? Any suggestions?


Do I need to create an equation for this?