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Event Frame Reference Attribute With Element Value Type

Question asked by fmocke on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by Eugene Lee

I have an event frame with the following attributes with their respective value ypes:


  1. Root Cause Equipment Element - element
  2. Root Cause Reason Element - element
  3. Root Cause Category - string
  4. Root Cause Equipment - string
  5. Root Cause Reason - string


Attributes 3 - 5 need to get their data from the first two attributes which references elements.  Specifically:


  • Root Cause Category = Root Cause Reason Element | Category
  • Root Cause Equipment = Root Cause Equipment Element | Name
  • Root Cause Reason = Root Cause Reason Element | Name


How can I construct the String Builder string to make this happen?  I just can't get this to work


Any help will be appreciated